FEATURE ARTIST – Online Artisan Fair
Peter Hickey – Photographer
Peter is our first ‘Feature Artist’ in our new regular invitation to come and review the work of Featured Artists currently in our Virtual Artisan Fair on the MAX21 website.. He is a photographer whose stunningly beautiful work captures the fleeting glory of light and spectacle that dances across the Blue Mountains region that we sometimes need to see through an artist’s eye to fully appreciaste.
See more of his work here work here
Peter Hickey – Photographer
Peter Hickey is a Blue Mountains Landscapes Photographer. and his passion is to capture unique Blue Mountains Landscapes, whether it be a waterfall, river, lookout or misty mountain forest.
“I get off the Tourist Tracks, pack my photo gear and tent with my mountain bike and head to remote spots not often seen on Tourist Brochures. My mission is to convey God’s Creation of that moment in time through my landscapes, photos and aerial photography.”
Find your peace and enjoy one of his Blue Mountains Landscape Artworks. It will enhance your living environment, office, or bedroom and hopefully, it will inspire you to get out and about in the beautiful Blue Mountains natural environment.