M y name is Fiona Roderick and I was born in South Wales and spent much of my childhood riding my horse along the Welsh cliffs, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Welsh coastline.  This environment helped to shape my future artistic vision. I started my career as a Visual Merchandiser, working for Selfridges and John Lewis department stores in London. In 1985 I moved to Sydney with my partner, where I worked as a Graphic Designer and developed my love of printmaking.

My work…

My current work reflects my love of the natural world.  The birds came from having many different strange pieces of paper that I had printed on over the years. We were doing Eveleigh Artisans Market and I made cards of the Australian Birds I had created out of paper and I realised how much my customers loved their birds. The tea towels get sent all over the world, many framed in peoples kitchens.

My other passion is Australian Native flowers, buying a bunch and bringing them back to the studio to draw is something I enjoy.

100% Handmade

All prints are printed on archival paper. The tea towels are printed in Sydney, Australia.

You are welcome to visit the studio by appointment or contact me with your email address and I will let you know when there is an open studio which generally happen twice a year.

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9th – 1th Oct: 10am – 4pm 16th – 17th Oct: 10am – 4pm

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