Palm Art Boutique

I am an IT professional, who has only discovered art after retiring from the full-time position. A large number of palm trees in our backyard has inspired me to do something with the falling down leaves and flowers, other than just sending them off to the tip in the green recycling bin.

I am fully self-taught. During the early experimenting phase there have been many failures and lots of materials did go to the tip after all. But I got better with time. Working with palm materials and coming up with new designs became a hobby about 5 years ago and only recently has become a business.

I use palm fronds and palm inflorescence to make baskets, wall decorations and other, rustic home décor items.

All my pieces are fully hand made with love and feature natural colours and textures of the leaves. Every item is unique.

I focus on being sustainable. I use all-natural materials, also trying to keep all my trims and decorations as natural as possible.

I’m doing my best to showcase natures true beauty.



Where @ the Fair?

Marquee TBA

Open Hours

17th - 18th Sept: 10am – 4pm
@ The Fairmont Resort & Spa